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Strictly Promotional Posts

No New Posts   Churches And Steeples

May 11, 2021

We at Blue Ridge Exterior Cleaning work with churches to fulfill their service needs within their budgets.  This allows us to build lasting relationships and a positive reputation with the communities we service.

No New Posts   Playground Sanitization

April 6, 2021

To prepare for children returning to school Blue Ridge Exterior Cleaning sanitized the Waynesboro City School playgrounds.  This is one small thing we can do for our community.  We hope this helps parents feel a little more secure in sending their children back to school.

No New Posts   A Dirty Job That Someone Must Do

March 16, 2021

We do not shy away from the dirty jobs.  We know the dumpster pads behind restaurants can get nasty.  If left uncleaned they can attract insects and animals.  We are proud to be the exterior cleaning our local pub trusts to get their dumpster pad clean.  It's not a glamorous job, but you'll never hear us complain.

No New Posts   Nassau County NY, slate roof cleaning, pressure washing

March 9, 2021

Www.Dirty-roof.com restores slate roofs in a safe no pressure process. We are able to bring back the beauty of this style of roofing. see the results in the pictures.

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No New Posts   Suffolk County N.Y. Power Washing and Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

March 8, 2021


Call Clean Rite Exterior Cleaning for all your exterior Cleaning Needs. We service all of Suffolk County N.Y. We do Power Washing, Soft Wash Roof Cleaning, Paver washing and more! Call Clean Rite Today 631-806-5006 or visit our website @ www.longislandroofwashers.com

                                                                Clean Rite Logo Sm Proof.png


No New Posts   Pressure washing | roof cleaning | 516-804-0447 | dirty-roof.com

March 7, 2021

Spring is right around the corner bringing some warmer weather with it. Time to start freshening up your home or business. Whether it's cleaning your siding, removing moss from your pavers or algae from your roof Dirty-roof.com has you covered with our softwashing and power washing services.

Roof cleaning. 

House washing.

paver cleaning.

Stain removal

Deck cleaning










No New Posts   It's Time For Some Spring Cleaning!

March 2, 2021

The anticipation of warmer weather has people digging out their tennis gear!  As such, Blue Ridge Exterior Cleaning has already begun washing away the slick buildup on the courts that can be a potential fall hazard.

No New Posts   Give me some help

January 14, 2014

I think this might work? Can you watch this vid in youtube? Give it a thumbs up in you tube, or comment on it??? I'll do the same for you.


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No New Posts   Going That Extra Mile!

December 31, 2020

One thing we do, is always find a way to help our customer!
Post cleaning Archer at Brookhill Apartments in Charlottesville, VA for Breeden Construction, we find all sorts of things left by subcontractors. Thinking outside of the box, we got the entrance to the breezeway looking new again!

No New Posts   A Few Examples Of The Difference Blue Ridge Exterior Cleaning Can Make On A Brick BBQ

November 11, 2020

It is incredible how filthy a brick barbeque can get.  By having the right people come out and clean it properly, an old and/or well used barbeque can look attractive again.  Dirty barbeques just aren't inviting. Check out the difference it makes.

No New Posts   Houma & Thibodaux Soft Wash Cleaning Experts

October 31, 2020

K&N Softwash is proud to be a part of the Houma and Thibodaux communities.  Our latest commercial building cleaning was done in Pierre Part, Louisiana.  Thanks to Pierre Part Store for trusting us to do the job right and beautifully.  



Soft Wash professionals serving South Louisiana from Houma to Baton Rouge.

(985) 859-4408

Nate Falgoust, ownerimage0 (4).jpeg

Started By: KNSoftwash

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Last Post: Nov 2, 2020 by BlueRidge



May 22, 2014

We manufacture the innovative shooter tips everyone has been talking about. They come in .30 .40 .50 .60 sizes. Call our office or email us innovativewash@aol.com and we will get you hooked up. $15 shooter tips 1.jpgea plus 4.50 flat rate shipping. 


Started By: Innovativewash

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Last Post: Sep 7, 2020 by BlueRidge

No New Posts   Roof cleaning | pressure washing long island 516-804-0447 dirty-roof.com

August 26, 2019

Quick post to show the kinds of IMMEDIATE results softwashing can give you. This roof cleaning took about 2.5 hrs. Although it is still wet in the after picture you can clearly see the just how effective this process is. This is all done with no pressure and no damage to roof  and surrounding area.





No New Posts   Cedar Roof Cleaning east Hampton 516-804-0447

June 18, 2019

Dirty-roof.com was called out to clean a cedar shingle roof that was becoming infested with lichen, moss and algae. We were able to clean this roof with no pressure or damage to the roof or any of the property around the home. 

Cedar roofs should last 60+ years when properly maintained but many times fail way short of that from lack of cleaning and routine maintenance. 


If you have cedar shingle or cedar shake roof give us a call and let us look it over to make sure it's not deteriorating faster than it should 



No New Posts   Brick Cleaning The Woodlands Texas

February 22, 2014

We recently completed the brick cleaning and roof cleaning on this home in The Woodlands Texas which is near Spring Texas. As you can see the Mold and Mildew build up on this brick was pretty bad, but we were able to restore with exceptional results.



No New Posts   Heavy Equipment Cleaning

July 3, 2018

Letourneau Enterprises needed the dirt removed from equipment prior to moving to a new location. Blue Ridge Exterior Cleaning was called in to get some of these large machines cleaned.

From top to bottom and inside and outside of the tracks needed to have all the dirt removed. A chipper and skidder are two of the three machines we cleaned.

No New Posts   Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing Jackson Township PA / 570-994-6918 / poconoroofclean.com

April 2, 2019

Regardless of the size of your house we (Pocono Non-Pressure Roof & Exterior Cleaning) provide the same professional, safe and effective manner to remove algae, moss and lichen from your roof areas. Our commercial grade and truck mounted roof washing and pressure washing equipment can and will reach three and four stories if need be. Although it's a pressure washer we apply detergents and rinse with soft washing methods.

Did you know? 

We are fully insured.

We provide free quotes.

We are a PA Registered Contractor (PA 094687).

We have over 40 legitimate reviews on Google, Angie's List and Facebook.

We are the only full time, full service and the leading provider of exterior cleaning in the Pocono region.

For a free quote we can be reach by phone at 570-994-6918 or visit our website.


No New Posts   Roof cleaning, softwashing Nassau county | long island | www.dirty-roof.com | 516-804-0447

March 22, 2019


Roof Cleaning

House Washing

Paver / Concrete cleaning


Pressure washing





No New Posts   Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing Washington NJ 07882 /570-994-6918/ www.poconoroofclean.com

March 17, 2019

Returning customers know the quality of our (Pocono Non-Pressure Roof & Exterior Cleaning) work. We serviced this home six years ago for the homeowners. It stayed clean until the rains in 2017. We provided our free quote for roof cleaning, pressure washing and patio cleaning and moved forward with the cleaning of the aforementioned areas.
All work was completed in four hours much to the pleasure of the homeowners. It was exceptionally windy and cold but we accomplished our goal.
For a free quote call or text 570-994-6918 or visit our website "here" for a quote.

-- Edited by waxman18324 on Sunday 17th of March 2019 04:34:47 PM

No New Posts   Roof Cleaning Service Silver Spring Maryland

March 9, 2019

Roof Cleaning Service Silver Spring Maryland. Here are a couple before and after pics of a roof cleaning we did in Silver Spring Maryland a couple weeks ago. We also, as an add on service, Cleaned the front concrete sidewalk and concrete driveway in Silver Spring Maryland.

This house was going up for sale, and I'm sure you will agree that after the roof cleaning and concrete cleaning. This home is more presentable for sale in Silver Spring Maryland.

roof cleaning silver spring after 3 (2).pngroof cleaning silver spring after (2).jpg

No New Posts   Dryvit Synthetic Stucco Cleaning East Stroudsburg PA 18301 / 570-994-6918 /www.poconoroofclean.com

March 11, 2019

Understanding how to properly clean dryvit or synthetic stucco is what allows us (Pocono Non-Pressure Roof & Exterior Cleaning) to be the leader in exterior cleaning throughout the Poconos as well as points north and south.

Our fully trained, experienced and insured staff have cleaned this substrate on schools, office buildings, gas stations/convenience stores, medical centers and residential properties.

We are fully insured and a PA Registered Contractor( PA 094687).

For additional information call 570-994-6918 or visit our website at www.poconoroofclean.com

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No New Posts   Pressure Washing Milford PA 18337 / 570-994-6918 / www.poconoroofclean.com

March 7, 2019

At Pocono Non-Pressure Roof & Exterior Cleaning we can provide many options when it comes to cleaning your property. Vinyl siding is a rather soft material. We can soft wash it to remove the algae, cobwebs and, bird droppings. For concrete walks, walls, foundations, and hard surface patios we can either pressure wash it or power wash it depending on the issue at hand.

This customer only needed soft washing to remove the algae and dirt build up. Our staff of trained and insured professionals completed this home with our professional truck mounted equipment and the proper detergents.

For a free quote, which we live by, contact us at 570-994-6918 or visit our website at www.poconoroofclean.com

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No New Posts   Pressure Washing Gouldsboro PA 18424 / 570-994-6918 / poconoroofclean.com

March 4, 2019

As the leading trusted provider of pressure washing in the Pocono region our (Pocono Non-Pressure Roof & Exterior Cleaning) customers call from all over. This secondary home /property located in Big Bass Lake is owned by a family from Long Island.

We gave them a free no obligation quote to service their home. We performed the work several days later, received payment, and the customer was extremely happy. Did I mention we never met them. Our business is based on trust.

Call or text (570-994-6918) for a free quote or visit our website for additional information. We are fully insured and a Registered PA Contractor(PA 094687).

No New Posts   Pressure Washing Saylorsburg PA 18353 / 570-994-6918 / poconoroofclean.com

March 1, 2019

Each year at  Pocono Non-Pressure Roof & Exterior Cleaning we service several hundred homes throughout the Poconos. This particular one is for one of our long standing customers who flips houses. Before he markets the property he has us completely clean and sanitize the exterior substrates. The work on this beautiful home was the siding, soffits, fascia, gutters and window trim. He increases his ability to sell homes that are completely sanitized to insure a buyer appreciates what they are getting.

We are fully insured and a Registered PA Contractor (PA 094687)

For a free quote just contact (call or text) us at 570-994-6918 or visit us at our website here.

-- Edited by waxman18324 on Friday 1st of March 2019 11:46:52 AM

No New Posts   Gutter Cleaning The United Way of Monroe County Tannersville PA 18372

February 23, 2019

When trusted names like "The United Way of Monroe County" need gutter cleaning they call Pocono Non-Pressure Roof & Exterior Cleaning. Our trained and insured staff braved the cold, snow and ice to insure the gutters were free flowing as designed.


Yes we are fully insured and a PA registered contractor(PA 09487).


We provide free quotes and live by them. Call 570-994-6918 or visit our website www.poconoroofclean.com

No New Posts   Roof Cleaning Delaware Water Gap, PA 18327/ 570-994-6918 / www.poconoroofclean.com

February 15, 2019

Every year our office at Pocono Non-Pressure Roof & Exterior Cleaning receives leads from our realtor friends throughout the Poconos. This home in Delaware Water Gap was represented by a results driven realtor who advised the owner of the advantages of having the roof cleaned properly. The property owners reached out to us and we provided them with a free quote and confidence. 

The roof received a non-pressure roof cleaning using our industry accepted methods and truck mounted equipment. The results left the roof free of black algae and terminated the moss and lichen. Our two year unconditional warranty was issued to the homeowners.

The home was sold shortly thereafter making the seller a happy camper.

We are fully insured and by law a PA registered contractor(PA 094687).

Our quotes are free. Our reviews on Google speak volumes to our ability to get the work done properly and on timely basis.

Call or text 570-994-6918 or visit our website "Here"

No New Posts   Commercial Power Washing Dumpster Pads Monroe County PA /570-994-6918/ www.poconoroofclean.com

February 12, 2019

Most commercial properties have a concrete area where their trash dumpsters are placed. There is one constant when dealing with dumpsters. They leak as most trash placed in the dumpsters have some type of liquid content. At Pocono Non-Pressure Roof & Exterior Cleaning we can remove food oil stains and other contaminants from your concrete. The result is an area on your property that will be friendly to the eye for your customers and staff.

We provide free quotes, are fully insured and a PA Registered Contractor(PA09468).

Please call or text 570-994-6918 or visit us at www.poconoroofclean.com


No New Posts   Roof Cleaning Lake Ariel, PA 18436 /570-994-6918/ www.poconoroofclean.com

February 4, 2019

There are many homes in Lake Ariel, PA that we service each year. Pocono Non-Pressure Roof & Exterior Cleaning has chosen this home to show you the results of our roof cleaning. This beautiful brown on brown roof was cleaned using our professional grade truck mounted equipment. Our staff of fully insured and trained technicians used our propriety mix of detergents to completely eradicate the roof of black algae, moss and lichen.

As the leading provider of roof cleaning in Wayne County, PA we provide our customers with free quotes and consultation. Our reviews are second to none from our loyal customer base. We are a Pennsylvania registered contractor with the state attorney general office(PA#094687).

In addition to roof cleaning we provide residential and commercial power washing, pressure washing, soft washing, concrete cleaning, gutter clean outs, deck cleaning and gutter brightening. 

For further information feel free to call or text us at 570-994-6918. Our fully developed website is available "here".

No New Posts   Roof Algae Removal Stroud Township PA 18360/ 570-994-6918/ www.poconoroofclean.com

February 1, 2019

Roof Algae Removal Stroud Township PA 18360

Pocono Non-Pressure Roof & Exterior Cleaning

As the temperatures are rising this week. The snow will melt and allow residents to be able to view their roofs again. Look for black algae, lichen and moss. This infestation will cause premature failure of the shingles.

We can provide you with a free no obligation quote. Our organization is insured with trained employees. In addition we are a registered PA contractor(PA 094687).

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