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Post Info TOPIC: White furring on decking

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White furring on decking

Any tips or tricks to remove white furring on decking after power washing? Deck had a sealer on it.

Will it weather off?

Something like in the picture.




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Mike,.depending on the age of the wood and prior care,.fuzzing is common on different severity levels. But that looks like bleach was used,..and it will cause the issue more than other cleaners in my experience. In fact there is tool called an "Osborn Brush". Removing furring is common among the guys who do this on a higher end level than I do. The point is,.if the guys who do this at higher levels have to defurr,..then it must be common to a degree.  You can't sell a real deck cleaning around here,.which would include sanding and or defurring.

That doesn't look that bad and can be stained or sealed.  Although that was maybe just PW with water,..from here it looks bleached out a little,..I prefer to use cleaners,.. Sodium Percarbonate and/or NAOH,..or a mix of both and Oxalic to brighten and neutralize.  Sometimes bleach is used if wood is darkened from water damage or they have been "stained" from having so much green mold on them for a long period of time.

Wood is a per job determination,..like most of our work.


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It won't weather off but it will rub off over time as they walk on it. Especially if they drag their feet a lot..lol. Furring like that doesn't happen with just pressure washing. Unless someone used bleach the last time and didn't rinse well. If you have an orbital sander it doesn't take much to get it off. 60 grit


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Don't seal or stain the deck before getting it up or you will see it.
Us this pole sander to defurr but go with grain.


Btw, proper way to clean a deck with old sealer or stain is to use a stripper (hydroxide based), pressure wash well, use a neutralizer/brightner  (oxalic or citrus based acid) then if any fur, when fully dry sand.

Best of luck.

Those sanders can be gotten at homey Depot or any sher Williams.

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